Kazakh traditional hunting and accessories for hunting with golden eagles from natural materials
This is a cultural, historical and sporting event which aim is to help the development of Kazakh traditional hunting with golden eagles.
Today, in Kazakhstan, national traditions and culture are treated with trepidation and care. Kazakh culture is rich in national elements and historical traditions. The importance of their preservation and enhancement in the modern life of the Kazakhs is our main task.

Hunting with a bird is one of the exotic traditions of Kazakh lifestyle, and its history goes back over three thousand years.

We offer a wide range of services with the Kazakh traditional falconry in different areas as well as sightseeing. All services listed below.

for falconers

The tutors that we offer are all world renowned masters in the art of Berkutchi. They will provide the most unique and unforgetable experience and immerse you in to the world of art and tradition that was passed down from generation to generationat the foothills of Khan-Tengri, one of the highest peaks in Central Asia and Kazakhstan and the pride of our people.
for photographers
A great opportunity for photo hunting is provided for you in the highlands of our region. Photohunting season lasts
all year round. Our native land possesses magnificent flora and fauna. You have a unique opportunity to photograph rare animals, such as the irbis (snow leopard) and the Tien Shan bear and other rare animals.
The snow leopard is a large feline mammal listed in the Red Book. Irbis lives in the high mountains of Tien Shan (3500-3900m above sea level). The snow leopard, as a rule, feeds on mountain animals.
Along with the snow leopard, traveling through mountain forests, you can catch one of the strongest wildlife representatives of the wild life, the forest master - the Tien Shan bear.
Our homeland has an untouched nature that maintains the balance of the ecosystem. Due to the hard conditions many areas are untouched by a human hand therefore provide stunning pictures to those who are prepared to face the challenge.

for hunters

Our fauna is represented by a large variety of ungulates, such as antelopes, deer, wild boar, Siberian goat (thecs), and rare predators such as snow leopards, Tien Shan bears and wolves.
Argali are relatively large ungulates, not affected in the wild. These impressive creatures are desirable objects of professional hunting. The trophy horns of seven-year-old animals can weigh from 10 to 18 kg.
A deer hunt is the most difficult and interesting adventure. You can try your luck, and if you succeed, you will get trophy horns of deer weighing 9-16 kg. The hunting season begins on September 15 and lasts for two months. Siberian goat (tech) is a type of wild mountain goat, constantly living in high rocky mountains and glaciers. If you are interested in hunting tech, you will have the opportunity to have a good rest and choose a trophy. The average length of the horn of a seven-year-old male is about 115-120 cm, and in our collection there are some excellent samples of 130-141 cm in size.
Siberian roe deer and wild boar are objects of amateur hunting.
In the world hunting economy, international hunting clubs possession of trophies with high scores is prestigious, indicating a high level of hunting culture and a broad variety of hunting grounds.

Хуан Хесус Бернабе бүркітші, халықаралық саятшылар қоғамының Испания мен Италияның құсбегілер одағының жетекшісі, Астанада өткен 1-ші халықаралық саятшылар фестивалінің лауреаты.
Руководитель общества международных охотников с соколами , призер 1-го международного фестиваля беркутчи в Астане, представитель соколиных охотников Испании и Италии и беркутчи - Хуан Жезус Бернабе (Juan Jesus Bernabe)
    Қазақстандық (Хантәңірі, Қайнар) жас саятшы Әлиша Құрманәлі жасына қарамастан, сұңқар, қаршыға тектес қыран құстармен қатар бүркітті де қайтарып, құсбегілік өнерін көрсетуде. Оның қыран құстарға деген сүйіспеншілігін: -Маған ата-бабалардан берілген шығар, деп күледі Әлиша. Халық басына туған қиын-қыстау кездерде бабалары саятшылықпен бүкіл аймақты ашаршылықтан аман алып қалғанын айтып мақтанады бүлдіршін саятшы. Қәзіргі таңда Әлиша Құрманәлі Халықаралық Жас Саятшылар клубының мүшесі
       A young falconer from Kazakhstan, Alisha Al Khan Tengri, despite his small age, easily controls falcons, hawks and even golden eagles. Her love for birds of prey from her ancestors says Alisha. Her great-grandfather is the famous berkutchi, who, hunting with eagles, saved entire regions in difficult years. She is from the "IAF Young Falconers" club

classes on kazakh falconry with an eagle BERKUTCHI
About our classes
Our curriculum opens the way to the world of SAYAT (the greatest pleasure from everything around) combining falconers from around the world and hunters with practice and involving them in a series of inspiring and high-quality joint activities at national and international levels.

We love to create accessories for the Kazakh national hunt with golden eagles from environmentally friendly and natural materials.
Falconry accessories
All for Kazakh traditional hunting

Authentic and handmade accessories for hunting with golden eagles
About Us
We, the family of hereditary traditional Kazakh hunters-Sayatshy, began to engage in the SAYAT brand in 2011. At first, the project was very small, we only created falconry objects and accessories for friends and small souvenir shops. We like to experiment with materials and cut. We love SAYAT. Our motto is to create modern and comfortable things for traditional hunting while maintaining the national flavor. We want you and your proud birds to be comfortable in any situation.
A young falconer from Kazakhstan, Alisha Al Khan Tengri, despite his small age, easily controls falcons, hawks and even golden eagles. Her love for birds of prey from her ancestors says Alisha. Her great-grandfather is the famous berkutchi, who, hunting with eagles, saved entire regions in difficult years. She is from the "Kazakh Young Falconers" club
The man who defended his people from the White Guards, the man who saved his people from starvation, the man who saved his people from repression, the man who somehow went to war in a place with young people to help them survive - this is a modest Berkutchi from Hantengri Abilakim Sultankululy
Why are we doing our job well?
We use only natural and environmentally friendly materials.
We are using the experience of ancestors and we model until perfection
We believe that the comfortability and uniqueness of our accessories are in their simplicity.
Contact us for any further questions.
We are open to any interesting projects and collaborations. And we are more than happy to help and advice you on any matter.
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