Berkutchi-falconry set

Handmade accessories for falconry with golden eagles of Kazakh hunters from natural materials

1. Leather belt with original Kazakh ornament, can be worn everyday under jeans, etc.

2. Stylish leather bag with an ornament can be worn on the shoulder and at the waist

3. Falconry hoods for a male golden eagle 3 species. Asykhbas, Botabas and Khantengri

4. Falconry jesses for a male golden eagle 2 species. Short and long

5. Falconry leather glove on the left hand lined with felt.

6. Falconry headdress-Malakhai of Kazakh traditional hunters with eagle made of fox fur and genuine leather

7. Wooden dishes for golden eagles-Kazakh falconry. For feeding golden eagles in preparation for the hunt

8. Book instruction about Kazakh traditional hunting with a golden eagle and a Tazy dog

9.Kazakh national clothing Shapan

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