Falconry books: SAYAT-Kazakh traditional hunting with golden eagle .

This is very well illustrated by color photographs and drawings from the archives of hunters with a golden eagle and craftsmen from southeast of Kazakhstan.
Author: Babakhumar K, Based on the experience of Berkutchi from Khan Tengri.
Chapters include:
Introduction. History. A variety of birds of prey of Kazakhstan falconry hunters, acquisition of skills, reception of golden eagles and other birds of prey, successes and failures. Content and features of the Kazakh greyhound-pots. etc.
Accessories for Kazakh falconry. And much more connected with traditional Kazakh hunting
For collectors of books on falconry, books on hunting, books on hunting for games, field sports books and for those interested in eagles and falcons, falconry, hawks, hawks, hunting birds, natural history, persecution in the country and field sports

Country of Origin: Kazakhstan

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